CO-SCHOLASTIC ACTIVITIES form an integral part of the overall comprehensive evaluation of a student. Students are regularly assessed on the basis of their participation in the co – scholastic activities.

  • CO – CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Beyond a single minded pursuit of academic excellence, we lay emphasis on child’s all round development. The school has a rich assortment of co-curricular activities. Participation in co-curricular activities takes equal importance along with academic performance.
  • P.T. / YOGA: Students are encouraged to develop a sense of discipline and wellness by participating in activities like P.T./ Yoga.
  • SPORTS INDIGENOUS: Students are expected to develop an all-round personality by way of active participation in sports especially indigenous sports.
  • VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS:  It shall consists of the following:
  • ART & CRAFT:Art & Craft can express the inner most feeling of any student. Our art corner is filled with creativity and energy, enabling the students to express themselves by using a variety of mediums like water colours, oil pastels, sequence, acrylic beads and much more.
  • DANCE:The dance curriculum allows the students to express freely and experience the rich culture and heritage of the world. It creates a balance between the mind and the body and brings out the innate talent in them.
  • MUSIC:Music is a magical art which should be cultivated and developed in each child. It improves craftsmanship and helps in the intellectual development of the students. We provide various opportunities to our students to experience this world of music.

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