On this issue the Principal’s decision will be final. The Admission policy/rules for a particular academic year will be notified in the month of November of the preceding year. The school reserves the right to change / amend the Admission procedure/ rules from time to time without any prior notice whatsoever.

1. Admission of new students to various classes will be made through an admission test at the beginning of the academic session (exact dates will be notified every year); but for service personnel & on transfer it is open through out the year.
2. The Principal is not bound to accept all or any particular application for admission.
3. New students are to be personally admitted by their Parents/Guardians who will be responsible for the fee of their ward/wards.
4. Students will be admitted strictly on the basis of merit.
5. The School authorities will not undertake to keep a vacancy for any boy/girl who does not join the school on the date fixed.
6. For pupils admitted during the school term monthly tuition fees is payable from the beginning of that scholastic year.


On this issue the Principal's decision will be final. The standard of the admission test will be of the level of the Annual examination of the class preceding that to which the admission is sought. Admission tests will be held in the following subjects:

  • Class I to Class V - English, Mathematics, Hindi and Assamese.
  • Class VI to Class X - English, Mathematics, Hindi and Assamese.


1. Qualifying the admission test/ eligibility for admission or priority would not by itself secure admission in class if the seats are not decision shall be final in this aspect.
2. If the transfer of the students is not from CBSE affiliated school, the Transfer certificate should be endorsed by the competent District Education Officer of the district in which that school is located. How- ever the Principal reserves the right to take an admission without the Transfer Certificate / Counter signed transfer Certificated upto class VI in exceptional case.


1. Before a pupil is to be withdrawn from the school a full calendar month notice must be given in writing or one month fees must be paid in lieu of the notice.
2. Transfer certificated can be withheld if tuition fee or any other dues are overdue or if there is any other genuine reason to do so.
3. A child may be expelled from the school for habitual absence or misconduct.
4. If the fees for three consecutive months is not paid, the name of the defaulter is liable to be strucked off the rolls.
5. A child failing in the same class for two consecutive years or failing twice in a span of three years must be with drawn.
Any misconduct/misbehavior/ attempt to harm or lower the reputation of the school either inside or outside the school premises by the students or their Guardian/ Parents will be viewed seriously and the name of student found guilty on above counts is liable to be struck off the roll. In this respect the Principal's decision will be absolute and final.

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